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ZenWiFi AX (XT8)

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Hi, what is your opinion of ZenWiFi AX (XT8)?

I currently have ASUS RT-AC68U but I would like to enhance my wifi coverage with new mesh capable router. I'd preffer to use ASUS because of the asuswrt features. What device would you recommend?



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I have had the XT8 for over a month now. I previously had the Orbi AC3000 (with Sat). My opinion as a slightly above novice:

The Bad First:
1. I have the feeling this product may have been pushed out before marketing was ready. I ran into a few Help articles from the webUI that are broken. These were typically on features that were advanced where I needed some additional detail.
2. Related to the above, was difficult to find "best practices" for configuration. Asus is much more comprehensive than say Orbi and simple questions like whether I should split wifi bands. Fortunately, I have gotten some help on this forum and a few other spots.
3. I have run into some issues with adding other Asus products to the AIMesh setup. I have the Lyra Trio for a couple of weak spots. And, after about a week or 2, 2 have run into issues that I still cannot explain. Today, I had 1 that issues crazy IP's which knocked all devices off incorrectly. Again, this may be simply as configuration.
4. I have read conflicting reports on privacy associated with QoS and AiProtection which I have turned off based on advice.

The Good:
1. I am really impressed with ease of setup and pairing. Full disclosure, I have a wired back-haul. (not wireless)
2. Equally impressed with the options and capability ranging from USB application, VPN server/client services, DDNS setup, etc..etc. I will get there on many of those features..but baby steps.
3. Speed! I don't care what reviews, stats say, I can tell you that my OnePlus7Pro has seen wifi speeds virtually double in EXACT same configuration/setup that I had with Orbi. I am typically getting about 350mb down or higher. With Orbi, I seemed to have wonky variation with typical around 100-150mb down. Physically connected PC had double down on Comcast as well. My cap is 600mb and I hit it on avg. I saw 300-350 on ORBI. Could I have played with values/messed around to get same on Orbi? I tried..and failed. That's why it is gone.
4. Last comment related to FAQ's. I submitted feedback on missing content via the actual "feedback" form under administration and received a response from Asus within 3 days. They acknowledged work to do on links and content. (which is great to hear) Don't try to snow me with "it's your fault mr. customer because.."

Overall, I am very happy with purchase. I don't regret it all. I would be interested to test Merlin if it is ever available for this product as I do see some benefits in tweaking based on others feedback for other Asus product.


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Depends on what you're trying to run on the gateway and how much wifi you want to deliver.

First off is cabling. If you can create even a partial wired backbone, do so. Ethernet first, MoCa over coaxial second. This will provide much more reliable and higher-bandwidth backhaul, and client links as well, regardless of if you go with a whole-house consumer product like ZenWifi, or a wire-first centralized AP system like UniFi or Omada.

Regarding AX, I'd hold off and go AC Wave 2, as there's minimal benefits in the real-world right now, if any, plus all the AX hardware and drivers are pre draft 1, so who knows how compatible and/or patchable they will once draft 1 spec gets adopted and enabled.

On the gateway, again, totally dependent on your needs and taste. If the baked-in features and stability get you by, great. If they fall short, you can always (hopefully) put the system into AP/bridge mode (effectively running as just a wireless AP system at that point), and drop in more solid discrete routing (Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, pfSense) and switching if needed (Cisco SG, HPE, etc.).
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