ZenWiFi DX6 new firm doubles the size of the previous version?


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Hi everyone.

My ZenWiFi XD6 has just been updated with a new version that doubles the size of the previous version.

The new version is and in the asus change log it just says "Improved system stability".

Is that much increase normal just for that unknown improvement?


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You're right.

Stability improvements (which they all are) are always welcome.

What caught my attention (but it doesn't worry me) is that the last patch said the same and in a very short time they have released one that also improves stability (like the previous ones), but suddenly it is twice the size of the previous ones.

Typically, large code increases in such a short time are due to some major enhancement or fix that needs to be implemented quickly.

Other times I have seen urgent patches that have been released in a short time to fix vulnerabilities.

All them are welcome.

In this case the only thing that caught my attention is that the code increased a lot in size and in a very short time so that there is only a stability improvement in the changelog.

At the moment the stability is still at least as good as before.

This kit is really very good and stable.


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Based on observations for other Asus routers the doubling in firmware size is likely to accommodate multiple hardware versions within the same router model line.

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