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ZenWiFi XD5 Mesh Nodes (2 out of 4) are Flashing Green!

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I have 2 homes with Asus Mesh networks. I am having issues in my vacation home where I have the following setup:
  • Main Router RT-AC86U
  • Mesh Nodes:
    • 1 RT-AC68U; and
    • 4 ZenWiFi XD5’s
Recently, 2 of the XD5’s (mesh nodes) are no longer accessible on my network and both are flashing green as though they are caught in a loop!

I have tried to factory reset both routers, first using the reset button and then using the WPS method. Neither method was successful!

The reset button method did absolutely nothing and the router kept on flashing green. The WPS method, after plugging power cable back into the router, quickly flashes blue, then white and then back to flashing green.

I chatted with Asus support and the suggestion was to download the Firmware Restoration Utility and follow the steps to recovering the firmware. I tried following the steps but when I changed my network adapter address to the utility indicated that I did not have a valid connection. I read somewhere that the address should be so I tried that but that also failed!

Any ideas on what to do next? I find it very odd that 2 out of 4 of the XD5's are both in this state and at about the same time!


  • Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 14-57-47 Specification How to judge the current status of ZenWiFi Ser...png
    Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 14-57-47 Specification How to judge the current status of ZenWiFi Ser...png
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Main Router RT-AC86U
Once you have checked the Nodes (maybe on someone else's Router) consider looking at the RT-AC86U.

Certain models have had hardware issues (overheating). I am also aware of some instances (not specific to this model) of the Power supply to the router going awry, so if you have access to a spare power supply, check that too. i.e. it may not be the nodes?

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