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Zenwifi XD6S won't connect to XT8 Mesh (red led flashing within minutes of connecting)

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My current mesh setup is as follows:
3 Zenwifi XT8 all connected using ethernet backhaul across 3 floors in the house
1 RPAC 55 in the garage, connected wirelessly to the mesh, which is broadcasting on channel 48

I wanted to add one more element to the mesh between the XT8 Router and the RPAC55, to strengthen the signal.
I found the Zenwifi XD6S on Amazon and added it to the mesh after ensuring it was reset, just in case.
Within a minute or 2 after connecting successfully (sitting right next to the router) and getting an excellent wireless signal, the red led starts blinking and nothing can be done until I go through the reset / reconnect procedure again.
Any ideas before I return this item?
More story here:

Indeed, that was me as well. Since returned the XD6S and installed an additional XT8 which works fine, now I also switched the backhaul on the other 3 XT8 from ethernet to auto...

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