Zenwifi XT8 runs out of memory


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Using firmware Version on both of my zenwifi units.

I set-up a time machine disk on the Zenwifi unit attached to the internet router. Everything was fine for two days.

Then the cat knocked the disk drive off the window ledge and the disk was unceremoniously pulled out of the zenwifi unit.

I reattached it. A short time later, the web access and Asus app access stopped working.

I power-cycled the zenwifi unit. Got into the web interface quickly and enabled SSH. I couldn't connect to the web interface and Asus apps a short time later. SSH access gave the "can't fork" error when executing commands meaning that the unit had run out of memory.

I disconnected the usb disk drive and rebooted. The web interface and apps now work and have done so for several hours. I can login via SSH and monitor the memory.

I have checked the disk drive on another PC by using fsck and by running a long smart test on it and it is OK.

So it seems pulling out a drive out of the USB port and reinserting it when it's configured as a time machine disk causes the zenwifi unit to run out of memory.

This is just to log the issue here - it would certainly have helped me figure out what was going on had I found something like this when searching.
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