Zmodo NVR flooding DHCP request every 2s ,,anyone fixed it?

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Just recently started with Zmodo NVR DHCP requests are coming through my AC86U 384.17,,,it just keeps flooding the router DHCP request/offer continuously. (Zmodo NVR is 3 years old)...

It was happened 2 years ago,,,almost brought the AC68U to its knee by flooding that non-stop DHCP request/DCHPOffer response,,,I tried all possible ways to stop 2.5 years ago and it stopped by itself.

Now it just started's like toturing the AC86U how it will be sustained itself for this kind of requests.

I just kept clearing the logs,,,anyone can help:

1- Any log level tweak that prevents the AC86U running out of log space?
2- Anyone using Zmodo NVR and have the new firmware update to share?
3- Anyone using Zmodo NVR and had the same problem and fixed it? please share the solutions.

Thank you very much everyone!


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Mehh,,,this damn Zmodo NVR's sending DHCP request crazy to the AC86U ,,,,one DHCPrequest/ brought down my AC86U router that the administration site could not be accessed, I just had to manual turn off and on the main router!!


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Sounds like this thing is causing more problems for you than it’s solving. I think @L&LD might have put you on the correct path


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Yeah,,,,it must have been something going on with Zmodo back-end,,,,3 years in service with this Zmodo NVR wifi camera system,,,I already decided to dump it!!

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