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Zyxel NSA 221 - Internal Drive Problem

Discussion in 'General NAS Discussion' started by Aquin, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Aquin

    Aquin New Around Here

    Nov 16, 2012

    I have a slight problem with my NAS server and i think the only place i would find answers is here :p

    So i have a zyxel nsa 221 and its running completely fine , i was running a 2tb internal drive with it and had movies in , then i wanted to rebuild my entire movie collection and went to a friend with an additional 2TB disc.

    We first formatted the drives NTFS and then copied all the collection to this 2 x 2TB discs , everything went smoothly and i can see all the movies inside the drives when i attach them to my computer , but NAS server does not detect them in any ways , i tried to attach one first and then second one but nothing.

    In the front panel of the NAS i can see the 2 HDD's lights are on (which means it recognises that the drives are installed) but when i go to Web Interface it shows as if there are no drives attached.

    I can see all my drives which are attached via USB.But cannot see any internal drives , again when i attach them to my computer , no problem i can see all files.

    Is there anything i'm doing wrong or missing here?

    Why would the NAS refuse to detect my drives? Say 1 ok. But both of them?

    I would really appreciate if you can help me out

    PS:I attached the webinterface picture showing no internal drives but all the externals are ok.

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  2. banyon

    banyon New Around Here

    Nov 23, 2012
    Correct me if I misunderstand what you are saying, but it sounds like you formatted the drives to NTFS THEN put them in the NAS?

    Zyxel does not support internal NTFS supported drives as far as I know. The box probably detects them fine. If you go under the volume page, and click create volume, it will probably want to wipe those driver and repartition them for you.

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