EA3500 or WNDR4300-100NAS or something else?

Discussion in 'Wireless Buying Advice' started by ggeinec, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. ggeinec

    ggeinec New Around Here

    Dec 26, 2012
    I have a new Linksys EA3500 still in the box that I picked up back in May after a lot of research. I'm finally ready to set it up, but while it was sitting in the box the Cisco Cloud Connect controversy erupted.

    It seems there are two predominent points of view out there about CCC - those who have sworn off of anything Cisco\Linksys and those who revert to pre-CCC firmware and are prepared to stay there without firmware updates if necessary because they are happy with the performance of the EA3500.

    After many hours of research I'm still confused about whether to proceed with the EA3500 or to switch to another router (with the Netgear WNDR4300-100NAS being my current leading contender, although there aren't many reviews out there for this one).

    What do you think?

    By the way, I expect to use the hard-wired router function connecting three PCs about 85% of the time with the remaining 15% split among wireless access to a laptop, a smartphone, and Netflix streaming. This is in an apartment with the Netflix streaming appliance in the same general space as the router.

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  3. SunTzu

    SunTzu Occasional Visitor

    Dec 2, 2008
    I would take something compatible with DD-WRT. When you change router for next one... old one could still be used as WiFi Card with extreme range/performance, WiFi Range extender

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