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    XT8 - Four hidden ssids As for the nvram tricks...I could clear them, but on reboot, it just resets them up so no real effect there. I'm guessing it's an issue with the beta firmware as pointed.
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    XT8 - Four hidden ssids

    Thanks. Tried going back to latest stable and behavior was even weirder...router kept 2 hidden ssid, while node went back to 1. This of course was clearing nvram resetting a million times every way I could research...via ssh, ui, reset button, and wps button tricks. The MAC being used isn't...
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    XT8 - Four hidden ssids

    Hi, I have two XT8s in a mesh, wifi backhaul. Today after I hard reset them and re set them up, I noticed a total of four hidden ssids, all on channel 104, listed as 160mhz. I assume these to be backhaul, but seem to remember only having 2 total prior. Based on the MACs, it looks like each...