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    AC66U – DHCP Private & Guest Networks

    Hi All, I have started to use Pihole to block internet adverts. Pihole also has an ability to be the DHCP server which I have enabled for a number of reasons, (and disabled the RT-AC66U DHCP server) This set up works great on the private network, but not for the guest network. This is because...
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    Constant unwanted traffic to from RT-AC66U

    Hi all After a little bit of messing around I’ve learnt more about how the router works and how to fix this. Its more of a workaround than a fix but works for me. Ive added this back in the forum for anyone else who is interested, or if anyone to point out a better solution.Here are the steps...
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    Constant unwanted traffic to from RT-AC66U

    Hi there, I have spotted a lot of traffic to non stop, day and night.BUT, I have no windows s/w in my network To really narrow it down, I have switched off all 25 devices on my network, to end up with the router (RT-AC66U), pi hole & a ubuntu laptop. Still 4 queries per...