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    Zenwifi XT8 - Where's 5GHz band c support for UK??

    I'm based on the UK and found out after purchasing that the Asus XT8 does not support 5Ghz band C channels 149 to 161 which is permitted without a license in the UK at 200mW or lower indoors with TPC. My guess is that this would help with stability between router and mesh nodes, when using...
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    ZenWiFi AX XT8 Firmware

    Updated and still having unreliability with Sonos app and speakers (errors about unable to connect to device, etc). Getting quite tired and frustrated with my XT8 setup. Have been stuck on release 25790 for a while and looking like may need to downgrade yet again! My setup is ultra vanilla, one...
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    XT8 random disconnects.

    Hi I think the last few firmware releases have been very unstable. I am stuck on 25790 because of multiple issues inc Sonos connectivity issues, clients connected to mesh nodes having random dropouts (more reliable when connected directly to main router), wifi calling drops, VPN client drops. V...
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    XT8 FW breaks Sonos

    Hi So glad I'm not the only one! I'm running a pretty basic setup (router +1 mesh node) and after the update (this week) have started experiencing a bunch of strange things. Sonos definitely started misbehaving (couldn't even see speakers in the app) and getting unable to connect errors. We...