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    News 'Software Freedom Conservancy' lawsuit (GPL violations)

    The lawsuit suit seeks no monetary damages, but instead seeks access to the technical information (specifically, the plaintiff is asking for the technical information via “specific performance” rather than “damages”). All companies big and small who founded their empires on free software and do...
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    Added 2.5gb WAN port to AX86U loaded with RMerlin’s FW

    out of curiosity what is the technical, or speculative, reason for this ? I do not have an AX68U.
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    2.5gbe port logistics?

    Asus really needed at minimum (2) 2.5Gb ports for WAN and LAN. It's kind of silly. Manufacturers including Asus offering motherboards with 2.5Gb, along with Gigabyte, Comcast, Netgear, and multiple ISPs....and then makes a router with only a single 2.5 port. There are $400+ routers out there...
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    Asus RT-AC86U keeps changing 5GHz Channel

    you have to look at wifi traffic around you - there are some great free tools online for your pc/phone/tablet. Also if you live near an airport or satellite tracking station you might see channel hopping. And you can also set your channel manually with 20/40/80 (instead of 40/80 in the picture)...
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    Need Modem: Xfinity: 1Gb/s speed tier because no one watches TV anyway in my home..

    forgot to add: some people live in areas that do not have the monthly cap. You may be one of those people. (North-East coast States I think)
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    RT-AC68u WLAN<->WAN routing performance

    also, check Advanced Settings > Wireless > Site Survey, to see if you are fighting an uphill battle. (also download/compare with a wifi survey on your phone/tablet as you move throughout the home.)
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    Is my Asus RT-AC68U Bricked or just need a jiggle?

    what you described sounds like the router is working. you didn't mention if you actually tried to connect to it by ethernet or wireless to verify. I would not rely solely on the LEDs.
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    "Hiccups" every 10 minutes on Asuswrt-merlin (RT-AC1900P with AC68U firmware)

    also, just found a post from L&LD which might be a consideration: "Bluetooth and Wi-Fi issues are among the problems with the latest cumulative update for Windows 10"
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    "Hiccups" every 10 minutes on Asuswrt-merlin (RT-AC1900P with AC68U firmware)

    you did great homework however you don't say if zoom was over wireless/ethernet or what else is running on the router, or if there is a HDD/USB attached. Since things are very consistent it should be easier to track the source using the log file and/or looking for cpu spikes every 10 minutes on...
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    Merlin Contributions

    o.m.f.g. this made my blood boil.
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    Asus RT-AX88U, auto shutdown, after days with without stable WAN (Merlin)

    How is the AC connection on both ends, where it plugs into the router and the power strip/wall ? Are they loose or maybe you bumped them ?
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    Laggy 5ghz band Rt-ax88u

    Click on Wireless then Site Survey tab. You can find a channel with least interference and try again. Also, check this post for good settings:
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    WIFI Driver Version

    I looked on my AC68U and that number also matched the log file for a Broadcom wireless version number, so I would say yeah you could compare both firmwares and see if it changes. Although, the version number doesn't necessarily have to change because sometimes Merlin will re-use/merge older...
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    RT-AC66U B1 Won't Resolve Certain Websites

    I hope this does not sound rude :) but c'mon you give no additional info so it could be anything. I mean you don't mention log file, additional scripts, any Asus/Trend software, temperature, free mem/flash, sunspots, lightning, gamma ray burst, anything... questions like this make me wonder...
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    RT-AC68U NVRAM Low Warning