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    AC68U WDS with DSL-N55U as a bridge

    One thing I have noticed is the Network list on AC68U loses the static N55U routers in the list then they come back within a couple of minutes but the N55U on beta firmware network list is stable.
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    RT-AC68U Changing channel on 5 ghz doesnt work

    Have just changed channel on my AC68U to 112 and wifi analyser agreed. Then 5 minutes later 5 ghz is on channel 36 according to wifi analyser. Latest firmware, still says 112 in the config. Anyone else?
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    ASUS RT-AC68U - New Firmware Released July 24, 2020

    I already have Wifi analyser and the 2.4 band has around another 3 routers. The AC68U is set to fixed channels, 11 and 44. Trouble is when I change the 2.4 channel there is a BT router that seems to follow it and maybe that is interfering as it is the strongest signal. I will try 5 ghz for a...
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    RT-AC68U AI Protection

    If I turn on AI Protection, I have to turn off Intrusion Detection as it falsely identifies a program on my PC, DSLStats which connects to the modem via telnet to get modem stats every minute and plot graphs. It identifies it as a medium bot Telnet Admin threat. Is there anyway to whitelist it...
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    Considering returning my RT-AC1200G+

    24 hours and stable with basic config. Downloaded Windows ISO 4 gb no interruptions and about 20% router CPU use and on the old one it was at 100%. Also registered the serial number which seems older but same year/batch. Just transferred said 4gb file to laptop at 240mbps and no drop outs on the...
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    Considering returning my RT-AC1200G+

    The replacement 1200G+ turned up today and done a basic Quick setup and will see how it runs over the next week. So far so good.
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    Considering returning my RT-AC1200G+

    My DSL-N55U is now doing it, back to basics with configuration diagnostics.
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    Considering returning my RT-AC1200G+

    Sending back and getting another 1200G+ give Asus a chance.
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    Considering returning my RT-AC1200G+

    The N55U is still beta and hasn't had a security update since 2016 is my problem the 1200G was updated yesterday is my problem. If only they would fix the bugs too.
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    Considering returning my RT-AC1200G+

    Just done a side by side comparison of the 1200G+ with my old DSL-N55U and there isnt much in it speed wise with wifi. Getting around 100mbps on the N55U to clients and 100mbps upload and 240 mbps download on the 1200G+. The N55U is nice and stable with my VDSL as a router and I can download a...
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    Asus RT-AC1200G+ Firmware

    ASUS RT-AC1200G+ Firmware version Security update - Fixed CVE-2020-12695 (CallStranger) - Fixed Reflected XSS vulnerability. - Fixed Directory traversal vulnerability. - Fixed CVE-2017-15653. Fixes coming thick and fast now and seems pretty stable after an hour testing.
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    Streaming radio stops when transferring big file on AC1200G+

    This happened again but with DNS Probe set to 2 the drop is minimal and streaming continues. Still experimenting.
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    RT-AC1200G+ - Remote log host, character limit 15

    Googling this shows you need to enter an IP in the remote address.
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    Asus RT-AC1200G+ Mysterious upload

    My ISP has told me that since 9pm last night they have seen increased upload useage on my account. Reboot my Asus which had been up for 16 days and upload disappears. Any ideas, currently scanning my machines for nasties but so far nothing. Any ideas?
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    Internet dropping on AC1200G+

    I have managed to test it and it happens on a 1gig file but then you can repeat the 1 gig file and it is fine and connection stays up. I have changed the internet detection to DNS Probe, 2 and this means at least it reconnects quickly.