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Sep 22, 2015
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    1. emukiller
      I see that you use Kodi and I'm a novice with it so thought you may have some pointers. So far I've only used Exodus although I've heard of other streaming services and was considering them all. What would you recommend? I will also post this question to the forum.
    2. emukiller
      I was then convinced by a friend to buy the Raspberry Pi for Kodi and Exodus so I did and it was working great for a while. Now I have streaming issues every night and I started going through many "fix kodi streaming buffering" videos and articles but nothing helped. I started going through my router and modem settings and didn't want to mess anything up.
    3. emukiller
      I recently read one of your older posts about the IPTV settings on the Asus RT-1900p and I had some questions. I'm not sure whether you know how to solve my problem but I figured it was worth a try. I have AT&T Uverse internet with 80mbps down and about 6-10mbps up. The wireless that is provided by the ISPs modem/router was crap so I bought the ASUS router.
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    Asus RT-AC3200
    Firmware Merlin: 384.3
    AB-Solution 3.11