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    Enabling user scripts on AiMesh Node

    Do you know that you can disable/enable the leds on a node by just go to the Web GUI -> AiMesh -> Select the node -> Management -> LED (Radio button On/OFF)
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    Old news - dcd tainted - any explanation?

    The strangest thing is that since 2:15 this morning no new error has appeared in the crash log, unlike what happened before with errors every 5 minutes. And no, nothing has changed since yesterday, no configuration, no reboot, nothing at all. I hope it will stay that way.
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    Old news - dcd tainted - any explanation?

    Hi ColinTaylor, No, I'm not running those scripts, only : scribe, uiscribe and scMerlin I've got 2 USB hard drives attach with music and movies (running with mediaserver), and a swap file of 256mb on one of the usb drive. tanks
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    Old news - dcd tainted - any explanation?

    Hi everyone, Since the latest update with 386.2 on my ac86u I'm getting a lot of dcd tainted errors, (like every 10 minutes) When searching on the forum I always found some answers saying that's an old behavior and harmless, I just have to forget it, (ex: ref here) But can anyone please explain...
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    kernel: Slab corruption

    Hi all, I've got the same question (in this link), but still dont know what's the meaning btw I'm not seeing any real problem
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 is now available

    Hi, I've got almost the same issue with all my Google devices. They were able to connect to the internet but not accessible in the google home app. To solve the problem I disabled the Airtime Fairness (Wireless->Professional) for both bands. Hope this help.
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    Kernel Slab Corruption in syslog

    The /jfss is mounted correctly and no, I did not do a factory reset after the upgrade, but it's almost 2 weeks since I did the upgrade and everything was doing fine until this error this morning. I have a swap file of 256mb on a usb drive, is it possible that's the cause of the error? I've got...
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    Kernel Slab Corruption in syslog

    Hi everyone, Since the latest firmware release (386.1 in RT-AC86U) I'm looking at the syslog more frequently. This morning I saw this strange entry, What's the meaning of it? Should I be worried? Many thanks
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    Router AC-86U keeps dropping internet connection

    Maybe I'm out of my mind, but you can try to enable DualWAN, and change the port for the ISP cable.
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    how to work a wol?

    I dont know if it'll help, but see my last post on this thread.
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    warranty claim and working with Asus customer support (and having Merlin firmware installed)

    Yes, I made an RMA last september running the Merlin firmware without any problem at all.
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    Help with wake on lan - WOL

    Many thanks to all of you, you where right, with a broadcast to, and using the port 40000 on other apps (I don't know why this port and not 9, my WOL settings are with the port 9) I can wake up my PC, Thanks guys
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    Help with wake on lan - WOL

    Many thanks for your help, Yes it did work, but I had to make a more global command to get it work, ie : ether-wake -b -i br0 74:d4:35:xx:xx:xx
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    Help with wake on lan - WOL

    Hi,, I dont understand why it has to be so strange. My PC with a statc IP adresse ( diven by the router, the WOL option for this specific MAC address is enable on the router. Every apps I tried on Android cant wake up my PC , (even the one suggested by GSpock). Every apps I tried on...
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    Help with wake on lan - WOL

    Thanks, GSpock, I`ll give it a try. I'm getting the PERM reponse. But it doesn't work either. The strangest thing is, like I said before, every apps (almost 10 different on iOS and 15 on Android) I've tried to wake my PC are not working, expect one Mocha WOL on my iOS tablet. That's what I found...