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    Need help with my home network

    Currently I'm with Optus with 100 Down/1.5 Up (Telstra Velocity cable) and I have a Netgear CG3000 v2 Modem as well as a ASUS DSL AC-68U Router. For me to use internet I have to use a Powerline adapter - Netgear PLW1000v2 as I am on the other side of the house to the main router. I have alot of...
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    Release [FORK][DSL] GNUton's Merlin builds for DSL Router 386.1_2 released.

    Hi GNUton, Amazing work! I have a question about Adaptive QoS. Is there going to be a fq_codel option for it soon? I saw that the RT AC68U had one. The DSL appears to not have one?