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Currently I'm with Optus with 100 Down/1.5 Up (Telstra Velocity cable) and I have a Netgear CG3000 v2 Modem as well as a ASUS DSL AC-68U Router.
For me to use internet I have to use a Powerline adapter - Netgear PLW1000v2 as I am on the other side of the house to the main router. I have alot of intermittent problems with my ping in games. I do have to play on wifi as there is no way I can get an ethernet cable in my room.
I've tried limiting others in my house connection using Adaptive/Traditional QOS and Bandwidth Limiter but it doesn't help much.

I was wondering if I could optimize my network e.g. Buying a better router.

Any tips/help would be appreciated.


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An RT-AC86U, RT-AX88U or an RT-AX86U will give you much better Wi-Fi than what you currently have.

Getting rid of the PLA's will probably be the first and biggest improvement though.

Bite the bullet, wire it up (Ethernet, of course).

With your extremely low upload speeds, every byte counts towards the feeling of a 'fast' connection.

PLA's, wireless, and other clients are more than likely giving you an effective 250 to 500Kbps upload speeds.


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I was wondering if I could optimize my network e.g. Buying a better router.

You don't need a better router. You need a better ISP, if possible. Netgear CG3000 v2 is a modem/router. I would try to enable Wi-Fi on Netgear, switch AC68U to Media Bridge and wire the game PC to it, eliminating the power line adapter. QoS won't help much on 1.5Mbps upload, unfortunately.

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