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    Is it possible to add Ethernet port to guest network?

    Thanks - I already have a 2nd node just outside his apartment, hence why I want to revert to physical connection as also this is still giving him issues. I think it must be some interference. But thanks for suggestion, I am aware I should not do this. I am playing with both iptables, and...
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    Is it possible to add Ethernet port to guest network?

    I have two XT8, sharing my internet with three studio apartments i rent out. I have set up 3 different guest network for them to use, however one of them is constantly complaining on his wireless network being unavailable. So now I am looking for the possibility to add a cabled connection to...
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    Xt8 Hard Factory Reset

    My reset process that worked: 1. Turn of node 2. Hold down WPS Button, keeping it pressed 3. Turn on node 4. Node will light white, then turn off light 5. Keep holding WPS Button 6. Node will start to blink green 7. Keep holding WPS button 8. Node will turn off light again 9. Turn off node 10...