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    How To A Simple Guide to Using RSync on Asus Merlin to Backup Network Drives

    Agree 100%, and I do mention logging, however I consider this guide just the very basics for a simple solution for what I wanted to achieve. That said I have added some cautions to the guide based on your comment.
  2. BreakingDad

    Is rDNS (reverse dns) normal on adguard blocker?

    Quick question, I have adguard running on a pi, it works fine however I notice a lot of rDNS (reverse DNS) enquiries from the address of the adguard box itself. Is this behaviour normal? can someone explain how it works? Thanks
  3. BreakingDad

    [Alpha] 386.2

    Ahh great, thanks
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    The IT Crowd Discord Server

    Just a little upate on what we are doing, I have added many new feeds, including an RSS for the SNB main site, Here is a screen shot of the channel thus far, slowly growing, we are still recruiting staff, particularly those into networking or linux. How do I join? Simply with the following...
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    [Alpha] 386.2

    Just wondering why this firmware is here, and not on Merlins site? is it just a preview edition ?
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    How To A Simple Guide to Using RSync on Asus Merlin to Backup Network Drives

    Ok based on my own recent experience of installing RSync this is a basic guide, as requested, on how to get Rsync working on Merlin Firmware. Please READ the whole guide first before attempting any code in this guide. This guide assumes you know the basics of logging into your router using...
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    Testing limits of home Ethernet wiring

    Ok Boomer :)
  8. BreakingDad

    Problem with videocalls on WIFI

    I got that the wrong way round, it's either NAT accel or QOS, not both together.
  9. BreakingDad

    Problem with videocalls on WIFI

    Are you sure this isn't a QOS issue and/or port forwarding? Is UPNP on ? turning off NAT accel effectively will turn off QOS as well, for your speed of connection NAT accel should be on. You will notice a massive speed drop elsewhere with it off...
  10. BreakingDad

    Console gaming configurations?

    I think you can install flex qos without the usb stick (you will need to test as it's a while since I added it. I think from memory you only need a USB if you are using skynet / entware or cake. Cake is more usefull on connections under 200mbps so I think Flex would be ideal for you. The easy...
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    TP-LINK Archer AX10 Next-Gen WiFi 6 AX1500 Mbps Gigabit Dual Band Router, £70 delivered at Ebuyer
  12. BreakingDad

    Still getting this on my log

    Having now read about 1000 websites on this, and translated some from japanese. I believe this is something to do with the client not supporting AMPDU. It can be left as is, but will play around with settings over the weekend.
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    Console gaming configurations?

    Merlin firmware is at you can download it and install it using the usual method of updating firmware on the router. After install follow this step by step guide to Clean Install of Merlin Firmware...
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    Does the main site have an RSS feed?

    Is there an RSS feed for the main site @thiggins ? Would like to link you to my discord.
  15. BreakingDad

    Console gaming configurations?

    When you say all three qos I'm assuming you're on default firmware. Have you tried installing Merlin firmware? I would recommend it, and for your network speed flexqos which is an addon to the firmware would suit you well.