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  1. BreakingDad

    386.3_2 upnp minor issue bug?

    Where's your sense of fun? breaking things, and then spending a weekend fixing them is the best imho.
  2. BreakingDad

    Can anyone recommend me a USB HDD for use with my AX88U?

    I've used a western digital my passport 2tb for 6 months with no issues. I have it partioned for data and a JFFS EXT4 using Minitool partition wizard.
  3. BreakingDad

    Pihole DNS

    Adguard has a simple tick box to enforce safe search, personally I had pi hole and find adguard a lot easier and configurable.
  4. BreakingDad

    AX89X static address limitation ?!

    If only someone wrote an addon....
  5. BreakingDad

    Considering Buying AX Router

    Because it's very popular.
  6. BreakingDad

    Firmware Update for AX86U (8-31-2021)

    Well then I hope many others are buying you coffee :)
  7. BreakingDad

    Firmware Update for AX86U (8-31-2021)

    Do Asus pay you for your code? Just wondering.
  8. BreakingDad

    Considering Buying AX Router
  9. BreakingDad

    Considering Buying AX Router

    Look no further than the RT-AX86U. It retails about $400 aud, worth the extra though. Here at SNB it seems to be the router of choice. I can recommend.
  10. BreakingDad

    WiFi performance Vs cable

    TBH I don't know why they don't wire up all new houses with network cabling, well I do know, it costs them more money.
  11. BreakingDad

    Skynet Skynet is blocking

    I just typed it in, and it said "removing from blacklist" I did also wonder if the country block mentioned above was causing it, I will investigate later.
  12. BreakingDad

    WiFi performance Vs cable

    While i'm not sure if this is the place for this discussion, I suppose it is as it's regarding network cabling, I also live in Hampshire but the North, and recognise the solidness of older houses over new ones. I agree new houses are not great I would always go for an older house, which were...
  13. BreakingDad

    WiFi performance Vs cable

    You mean we used to build houses properly, with proper plaster directly onto brick. Most new builds have internal stud walls and external dot and dab walls. I know which I'd rather have.
  14. BreakingDad

    Skynet Skynet is blocking

    I'm no using diversion, it was blocked again tonight, despite whitelisting it. I whitelisted again and now its ok again. However when I do view blocked domains on skynet it shows nothing is whitelisted; even though it is. Edit, i just tried again and now blocked again, so what I have done is...
  15. BreakingDad

    DNScrypt XBOX NAT Moderated/Limited

    Note that full cone is less secure than symetric, you can still achieve open nat with symetric.