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    Traffic Analyzer Piechart

    I think it just a plotting thing. Maybe it is scaled based on # of devices also with that slice. Just take the 6th slice as the rest of the network and look at the top 5 to tell what is using your bandwidth.
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    Traffic Analyzer Piechart

    I think the sixth pie is every thing else on the system. I think the mac address is one it pull from the rest of system. I don't think that is the traffic from that device. You can check it out by doing to look at use by device and seeing that mac address and check to see if it matches the...
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    RT-86U - vlanctl & ethctl usage puzzle

    This is my topology. I am looking for some help to get the right iptables rules and dnsmasque rules set up. The AP should be easy but I do not understand some of the options to set things up. BTW the main router is a RT-AC86U and the AP are RT-AC68U's Any help would be appreciated.
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    86U Merlin VLAN Config help

    Would love to test that out also. I have one main router with two AP's. Would like to have 1 guest VLAN SSID (IP range) for both 2.4 and 5 ghz and one main VLAN. Instead of multiple with no isolation after it leaves the AP as it currently does.
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    YazFi YazFi - enhanced AsusWRT-Merlin Guest WiFi inc. SSID <-> VPN Client

    I have read the thread, but I don't see any info for using Yazfi on AP's. Does it work with having multiple AP on your system and the main router running Yasfi. Or is this another issue of needing Vlans to get this to work. Looking to make common network for Guest in house. Also it is...
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    Tag guest SSID traffic with VLAN

    I have recently had to replace my whole router/network configuration to increase my speed. I am now using two routers RT-AC66 and RT-N66. I have been a little disappointed with guest network implementation on the ASUS firmware. From your post, I hope to get it configured like I wanted to...
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    Help a noob spec WiFi for a church

    I had to do something similar at my church. I ended up getting all that I needed from Ebay. A lot of people are upgrading to AC AP's and there are some good deals on dual band AP's. I also bought a managed POE switch so that I could have a guest and work wireless setup. I would get with a...
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    RT-66N in AP mode with Guest Network

    AP I was hoping to reduce things down to just 1 router. I had done it with DD-wrt on another router but then I wanted to upgrade the router and not have as much configuration to do. I guess I will be doing that in the mean time till I figure out how to get it to work with this router...
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    RT-66N in AP mode with Guest Network

    AP with DHCP I only want the AP to give out address on the 192.168.1.X segment which is the guest one. I have all the rest of the equipment on the 10.0.0.x segment. The reason I don't have it in router mode that I have 3 NAS connected to the router. If I put it in router mode, I would...
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    RT-66N in AP mode with Guest Network

    AP with DHCP server Is it possible to run dnsmasq when in AP mode? I would like it to be the DHCP server for the guest network and would script it to bind with the wl0.1 interface (guest) Then just have it send traffic to the gateway of the main router. Or would it be easier to just to...
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    RT-66N in AP mode with Guest Network

    Is it possible to put the router in AP mode have a guest network that will not see the rest of the intranet. I just want internet access. I looked at all the post on the forum for Guest and setting up different scripts to control it. They all depended on the router being in router mode...