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    Where i can buy a DFS enable router in canada?

    Cheapest one that I know about is a Linksys EA8300 Tri band router for $99.97 at Staples. But you have to shop in person (use to find inventory near you) Do NOT get...
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    Device with two IPs

    Its not a problem to be concerned about. See RFC 3927 ( Appendix A for explanation
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    How to configure static IPv6 on Asuswrt-Merlin?

    I know you already have it working, but .... Did you try IPV6 type native with DHCP-PD off? That should handle the ISP dynamically for the WAN address and gateway, and let you manually configure the LAN side.
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    How to configure static IPv6 on Asuswrt-Merlin?

    The fe80:: syntax is processed by dnsmasq running on your router. It has no information about the interfaces of the ISP's router and therefore cannot change the fe80:: into the numbers used the the ISP, that is why you cannot use the short form for the WAN gateway. Dnsmasq can and does manage...
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    How to configure static IPv6 on Asuswrt-Merlin?

    I suspect that the problem is that the Prefix length cannot be the same on the WAN and LAN or the Prefix must change slightly. Also the gateway cannot be fe80::1. It needs to be the address given by the ISP which will contain more non-zero fields What I would try is: If you know how to login to...
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    Connect to vlan2 on wan port ? (solved)

    The reason the two networks must be different is how routing is handled. If the PC thinks the address is on the local network, it sends a ARP broadcast on the local network for the device, no reply means device is offline. If the PC thinks the address is on a different network, it forwards the...
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    Connect to vlan2 on wan port ? (solved)

    Your problem is using the same network for the management interface on vdsl modem and the LAN on the N66U (both on 192.168.1.x). Change the LAN network on the N66U to something else like
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    IPV6 Probe detected

    I just had my IPV6 network probed at IPs ending "::1" for ports like 22, 80, 161. I was wondering if there is a way to change the IPV6 address assigned to the router LAN interface to be something other than the default ending ::1?
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    Configure RTN66U as a wifi access point with DHCP server for connected devices

    You said that devices configured statically connected to the WinXP work correctly getting INternet access. You are configuring more than just the IP address on the device, but setting the gateway and DNS servers. Am I right? Assuming yes answer .. try the following. Leave the RT-N66U in...
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    IPv6 missing option?

    I am looking at the IPv6 page and have selected Connection type =Native DHCP-PD = Enable But where is the option to select the WAN IPv6 address to be either Stateless (Auto configured) or request it from the ISP? ( From the dhcp6c.conf man page, when ia-na is specified, dhcp6c will initiate...
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    IPv6 Trouble

    Try the LAN prefix length to 64 again and reboot both the router and device after setting it. I would leave it at 64 until you get ipv6 working for more than 24 hours. My guess about your problem is that either the radvd or dnsmasq program is upset and not advertising. Look in syslog for any...
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    Delaying the connection to the NTP server ?

    Check that you have "DHCP query frequency" set to normal mode, not aggressive. I believe that normal makes the start up process wait for 120 seconds before doing dhcp to handle slow devices on power up get their connection stable. I am on a DSL connection, but not your version of the firmware.
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    Delaying the connection to the NTP server ?

    Quick comments on your suggested script: Why killall NTP at start? Does it hurt anything to let it try to get the time? Why the nvram commit lines? They preserve settings over a reboot, but this script will be run again on reboot so commit lines should not be needed.
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    Parental Control Time Scheduling not working

    I can confirm that time base rules in iptables on Merlin fork 374.43_2-11j9527 on RT-N66U did experience the 1 hour time shift on daylight savings. System time changed correctly, and rules in iptables looked correct but acted an hour out. I rebooted router and that fixed problem.
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    Force LAN port 4 to use the Guest network for Asus/merlin RT-AC68U

    I looked at the postings in this thread and they all try a DROP on the ebtables -t -I BROUTING .... In my notes for ebtables, I have the warning to myself: "in BROUTING chain DROP does NOT mean drop, but rather pass to Route tables OSI layer (layer 3)" So I am not sure that rule is doing what...