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    Private Internet Access - Port Forwarding

    I moved from PIA to Torguard for the port forwarding alone.
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    Solved Torrenting crashes the internet connection

    I had some issues with Transmission crashing, but I found a workaround online where I added this option arm_64bit=1 into my Raspberry Pi /boot/config.txt
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    Solved Torrenting crashes the internet connection

    What torrent client do you use?
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    Router temperatures

    Transmission (wired Raspberry Pi) is failing on one of my AC86U as soon as the router CPU temperature exceeds 88C while download speed is around14MB/s. My workaround is limitting download speed to 2.5MB/s. I ran a test by blowing air from a portable fan to the back of the router and although the...
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    I'm not using AiCloud
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    I had more than 24h without one single NXDomain error with DoT deactivated. I'm not necessarily suggesting DNS Privacy is the issue here as long as a decrease in DNS performance is advised anyway, but this problem hasn't existed before 386.1 (at least not often enough to be noticed).
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    I believe it started following upgrade from 384.19 to 386.1. No pihole, or Nextdns used. After upgrading to 386.1 I performed a full router reset and remade all settings manually (also reset after 386.2). I aimed to keep thing simple so I also stopped using any AMTM AddOns such as Skynet...
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    Also started noticing intermitent DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN on AC86U after moving to 386 release. Since then I factory reset twice following upgrades, tried playing with DNSSEC, using various DNS servers. I hoped more would report the same issue, but apparently not many enough.
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    DNS queries failing

    I encountered the same issues in a similar config as Khadanja (I'm using Cloudflare), but since disabling Validate unsigned DNSSEC replies I haven't seen them again. No DNS has been set in the LAN DHCP Server. I first started noticing these occurences since upgrading to 386.1
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    AC86U 384.18, every other day or few days internet stops working while the GUI shows it as connected

    I used to experience similar WAN issues that I fixed by either rebooting or reconnecting on the WAN page. However, I noticed this was solved following one of this settings changes (not sure what did it, but don't have time to test): - changed DHCP query frequency to Normal on WAN/Internet...
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    USB3 hdd on ac86u with Merlin FW

    I made it work after I found out what I needed from and added the line pc_replace "store dos attributes = yes" "store dos attributes = no" $CONFIG in smb.postconf. However, I can't explain what happend since can't recall...
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    RT-AC86U Merlin 386.4

    RT-AC86U Merlin 386.4
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    USB3 hdd on ac86u with Merlin FW

    I have the same error on my RT-AC86U samba on NTFS partitions but not on EXT4, although I have to say it worked fine until today. Could you please detail where you add the line and how you make it persistent after reboot. I tried /jffs/configs/smb.conf.add and added permissions but I don't have...