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    ipcam connected, but not on screen,reboot pc ipcam sleep

    looks like if windows activate ipcam , the connection is restored, but if windows restart, asus/merlin show rx=1 and no connection possible till reboot asus
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    ookla only local test but global is more interesting

    testing locally is only to see if provider deliver what we pay for. testing globally we can find a better connection using vpn to get higher speed and less dropouts
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    Onboard Ookla speedtest

    mmm u have diff result then me, my samsung tv give to all locations abt 25/25 that i pay for but my pc give 23/23 local and 23/4 global, pity merlin only test local with 24/24, vpn is globally more stable and faster. the tv was in past same as pc. when i was on 100/100 vpn gave 40/6 so im more...
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    keep clean to avoid reboot to clean

    i enjoy my choise abt merlin and abt asus, im just amazed to be forced to reboot to solve connection problems. smartphone deny after several days , ipcam timeout after reboot pc must be easy to start clean job after funktion ends avoiding reboot to do the cleaning
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    needed reboot to get access again (access denied or no internet) newest version

    looks like i need to go back a version again cp lose access
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    needed reboot to get access again (access denied or no internet) newest version

    yesterday or before i installed newest firmware, all working fine, just the icons from device still crazy like cp j6 androidis windows ; today several cp/laptop suddenly no internet access or access denied, forget and add access denied, but my laptop stil connected. so reboot and all got...
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    smarttv samsung cast by android but not by w10

    if i use a dongle i not post here hahaha
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    smarttv samsung cast by android but not by w10

    sometimes w10 cast to tv sometimes tv show connecting but fail any way, any idea if this is a merlin problem or how to solve?
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    rtsp sometimes working but cp always work

    i have few ipcam connected to the rt-ac5300 merlin uptodate , with android always connect but with w10 vlc/pmplayer often not connected just sometimes, router indicated 4 stripe (max) 1 ipcam sometimes 2 stripes, any ideas why no connection?
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    openvpn client not friendly and reboot both are active

    i just got merlin installed and installed vpn client on rt-ac5300 its complex to understand, but its working i use client 4&5 sg/jp because different pages u easy forget to off the at boot so both are online if merlin check the load from both to decide its nice yeah if merlin display load vpn...