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ax11000 has peak cpu

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with my gt ax11000 pro i have frequently dropouts in radio10.nl

those peaks seems the reason my music stop
i use only ax1100 in middle of the house on the staircase near ceiling
ipcams 2.4 (5x),aircon,washmachine, cp (4x) ,tablet 5.1(1x),laptop 5.1(1x) laptop wired
daily noon restart
as far i know tasks are scheduled , so fixed timing. the dropouts are random
(6am, 9am 4pm 6pm 7-9pm) minutes i not remember
no idea what the log file complain, check usb2 and usb3 both no problem
and that is new the dropouts were also before thats why i used merlin again
internet pldt 200+/200+ huwei modem (wifi off)


  • syslog (1).txt
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  • Settings_GT-AX11000 Pro.CFG.txt
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