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    PI- Hole disaster

    First, setting up pihole should be hard it's a straight forward process. Second, to go after this (and by 'this' I mean that there could be multiple problems) I would recommend the following: 1. Get your router working properly using Merlin 2. Once that's done, ensure your Pihole is setup (ssh...
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    Trying to get around ASUS Router Limitations

    Just to add, it also runs well in a small Ubuntu VM (1GB RAM is plenty).
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    Prevent rfc1918 traffic to escape wan interface

    Some ISPs may NAT their internal networks. However, on the "internet" packets from the reserved networks isn't routeable. IMO this is a pretty edge case and fairly low risk compared to the application layer risks. But it should be easy enough to block the 10.x block not used by your ISP (be...
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    Firewall/Skynet Question

    First, skynet is really the thing that prevents _outbound_ traffic. Inbound traffic to non-forwarded ports doesn't need skynet. So if you're concerned with inbound scans, you can disable skynet to see if that makes a different to the router processing your packets Second, when you say port...
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    RT-AX88U - Web Access from WAN

    Not sure why this thread appeared in the "new posts" list, I never even noticed the date :)
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    RT-AX88U - Web Access from WAN

    That's the way to! :)
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    Merlin on ASUS ax86U Question

    Downside depends on what you want to do with your router. It exposes more options, therefor, it is possible that you'll find it more complex. Depending on your level of knowledge, that maybe a downside. I personally find a number of the extra settings and capabilities very useful and...
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    How to setup Pi-hole to work with Merlin?

    The LAN - DHCP screenshot is wrong. "Advertise the routers IP in addition ..." box needs to be set to "no". Otherwise some clients may use the router as the DNS server and bypass Pihole.
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    How to setup Pi-hole to work with Merlin?

    I use DDNS and have the Canadian Shield servers as me WAN DNS servers. My Pihole servers are in the LAN settings. No exclamation mark, everything works, time is accurate. Started this config with Merlin 384.x, then 386.x to now 368.2_6, never had any issues FWIW.
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    How to setup Pi-hole to work with Merlin?

    "The order you want" isn't up to you. It's up to the client, depending on how the client is implemented. :)
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    How to setup Pi-hole to work with Merlin?

    It's seamless. I have no issue rebooting either of the during the day, and both my wife and I work from home currently. With WFH I wouldn't have a single point of failure when it's so easy to have a 2nd (I run a 4B and also have pihole running in an Ubuntu VM)
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    How to setup Pi-hole to work with Merlin?

    Thanks for clarifying that :)
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    How to setup Pi-hole to work with Merlin?

    I don't get why people talk about throughput and DNS resolution / DNS ad-blocking together. :)
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    VPN for Utorrent ONLY ?

    I'd accomplish this by having a VM to use for torrenting (and that is setup to utilize the VPN client in the VM).