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    VPN amateur need advice on best setup and client

    Perhaps you might find my setup helpful !;) But, at first, as more advanced users state (I am also an amateur), you have to decide about your targets, meaning which devices can be access from which other and from where !:p
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    Remote access to IP camera with VPN connection on ASUS router

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to everyone! An update on my setup ! There is no need to activate VPN client on ASUS router, so as to access my IP camera remotely! :p VPN client is needed running just in the remote device (eg laptop, smartphone), in order to access local network. The right...
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    Remote access to IP camera with VPN connection on ASUS router

    Hello from Greece ! I am trying to set up a VPN tunnel in order to access my IP camera remotely in my simple home network. The main set up of my network is based on this informative post according to these proposals ! So, the current set up is a two router configuration and the IP camera is...
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    How To How to setup a VPN Server with Asus routers 380.68 updated 08.24

    Hello ! I am trying to configure this simple network: modem (WAN: -- router – ( LAN I am going to purchase as a router the ASUS RT-AC52U with the stock updated firmware ASUSWRT. My first problem is that I would like to run simultaneously the VPN server (OpenVPN)...