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    2x2 AC Access Point Roundup - Part 2

    It's nice to see this kind of testing. Maybe I missed it, but do you mention the firmware versions used? What about the various settings that are available? On a slightly related note, Ubiquiti just took the wraps off the UAP-nanoHD: Same size as the...
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    Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite Revisited

    Quite a timely update, as I believe there is an updated version of the ER-Lite coming Real Soon Now™. Rumoured to have performance 50% greater than the ER-Pro (which is already quite a bit faster than the ER-Lite). That's how self-signed certificates work everywhere. No reason to feel...
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    Ubiquiti AC Pro and AC Lite Access Points Reviewed

    This has turned into quite an interesting discussion. To the particular concern (quoted above), if I'm interpreting things correctly the issue is that the Orbi was affected. And that the Orbi is benefiting from RF signal leaking past the artificial attenuation that's introduced to lower the...
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    Synology RT2600ac Router Reviewed

    You said you had the IPS running before. Did you reboot after disabling it? If not, could be a possible explanation. IPS is very memory and CPU intensive.
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    Ubiquiti Announces New Budget Saving UniFi APs

    We're only just at the limit of 1 Gbps backhaul, and that's when considering a single client per radio situation. (i.e., not the intended use-case for these "high density" APs)
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    Ubiquiti Announces New Budget Saving UniFi APs

    Actually, you can setup link aggregation on the UAP-AC-HD.
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    Ubiquiti Announces New Budget Saving UniFi APs

    That was from the beta run. Retail box is supposed to say 2.5 Gbps. Also rumoured that they will support 160 MHz channels once the DFS implementation gets certified.