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    Any way to limit time on social media on my child's Mac?

    Yeah, I've been using NextDNS for a few months (paid) and their Parental Controls do not cut it. Very limited. And Google Family does not work on Mac at all.
  2. d0g

    Any way to limit time on social media on my child's Mac?

    I'm trying to find something that will allow me to set a rule which will block my son from accessing certain websites (on his Mac) for more than 1 hour per day. There are plenty of solution for setting a schedule, say, only 4pm-5pm, including the Asus built in Parent control. No good. With...
  3. d0g

    Diversion Nextdns + diversion

    So just running Diversion & NextDNS CLI at the same time won't work well? With above setup, can you still manage individual nextdns configs for different clients based on MAC address? Thanks!
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    NextDNS kills CBS on Roku/Chromecast

    Brilliant! They've thought of everything. Thanks!
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    NextDNS kills CBS on Roku/Chromecast

    NextDNS is working great on my Asus ... but it makes the CBS app on my Roku and Chromecast unusable (due to ad blocking.) Is there any way to permit that app or device to bypass filters?
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    Easiest way to block certain websites during certain hours for one machine

    I want to block some websites (discord, youtube) during school hours when my son is on his Mac for school. What's the easiest way to accomplish this? Haven't found any Mac software that will do it. I tried setting -- but it's not working. I'm on the verge of writing a cron script...
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    Unable to connect to Surfshark VPN via OpenVPN

    Thanks, I will! - Is it safe to upgrade over Wifi? Or do I have to do it over ethernet? - Going from 384.13_1 to 384.13_6 ... do I need to reset to factory?
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    Unable to connect to Surfshark VPN via OpenVPN

    SOLVED. I was using cisco umbrella DNS, which must have been blocking SurfShark. Changed to non-filtering DNS and it's working.
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    Unable to connect to Surfshark VPN via OpenVPN

    I have an RT-AC87U with merlin 384.13_1 I've spent several hours on chat with Surfshark tech support trying to get router to connect. Not sure if problem is on my end or theirs. I keep getting TLS Error: TLS key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds (check your network connectivity)...
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    Any way to use VPN only for certain clients?

    I found this guide: Actually that guide mentions "Redirect Internet Traffic" which I'm not seeing on my end. UI looks different. Is there another guide/method?
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    Any way to use VPN only for certain clients?

    I have OpenVPN set up on (Surfshark) on my RT-AC87U, but I want ONLY my chromecast to use it ... not every device in the house. Is this possible?
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    Repeater antenna question

    My base router is an Asus AC87U, and I'm using an AC68U as a repeater. Works pretty well; the AC68U reports "Link rate: 234 Mbps, RSSI: -58 dBm" and we get up to 60 mbps (of our 200mbps) through it. The AC87U is in the guest house/office, with just 1 ethernet client, and the AC68U is in the...
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    Repeater mode AC68U not working well

    My main router is an AC87U and I'm trying to extend range to guest house using an AC68U. (Both are on latest stable Merlin firmware.) When the 68 is in Media Bridge mode, I get a solid 100-120 mbps. But when it's in Repeater mode, I get around 80mbps – which is fine – but WiFi clients keep...
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    AC87U > AC68U Repeater > T-Mobile Cellspot = not working

    My setup is Modem > AC87U (Merlin 384.13_1) > AC68U (Merlin 384.13) Repeater > T-Mobile Cellspot The Cellspot is not connecting. The manual says to open some UDP ports. But the 68, as repeater, does not show options for port forwarding/triggering. And the 87 does not show the 68's clients...