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    AC-3100 with Merlin // How to remove Bell Home Hub 2000 and VLAN35 tagging ?

    quick question, You completely remove your HH2000 ? Do you have FTTH ? I would like to insatll a TP-link converter to fibre to ethernet with my Asus ac2900 with Merlin firmware
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    Port forwarding to multiple devices

    Hello, stupid question. Did you tried to open your port directly in your firewall setting in Both PC ? For me, I did PPPoE connection, If I do not change this setting I was not able to get open nat in Warzone. Fortunatly you solved your issue :)
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    Need help setting up QoS

    deffinitively you should increase your speed, HD stream eat your bandwhidth
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    Asus RT-AC87U - Not getting full speed on wired FTTP

    Do you tried PPPoE ? I had FTTH with 1000 down 1000 up and I was not able to get more than 700 !, I down my ISP connection to 300 up and down, because is cheaper and I got 325 up and down. I not try PPPoE now, because my connection running well.