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    Diversion Diversion - the Router Ad-Blocker

    Thank you @CannaLucente - was wondering why ad's were coming into my phone but everything else was still OK. Works like a charm @thelonelycoder, Diversion is blocking all them mobile ad's :)
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    WebUI not working after a while (RT-AC86u)

    Recently got a RT-AC86u and installed with the latest Merlin (384.18), and noticed WebUI being unresponsive after a while. Restarting the httpd service fixes this (service restart_httpd) as per the forums, but wondering why is this happening? Is the ASUS code still buggy after all these years...
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    [RT-N18U] Slow wireless file transfers

    Thanks for the reply - will see if 5 is congested, as 1,6,11 are quite congested already.
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    [RT-N18U] Slow wireless file transfers

    Any ideas? Have tried searching around and my settings are quite similar to everyone's...
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    [RT-N18U] Slow wireless file transfers

    Router : RT-N18U with latest stock firmware Server : i3 PC connected to router's gigabit LAN port Client1 : Note3 phone Client2 : laptop with built-in Intel Wireless-AC 7260 (connects at 300mbps) Even when the clients are 3ft from the router, the wireless file transfer...
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    Asuswrt-Merlin on RT-N18U

    I just upgraded to the N18U from a 9yo WRT54G running Tomato, and what a breath of fresh air! On my "3rd world" 20mbps connection I didn't realise I was bottlenecked ( downloads maxed at 1.9mb/s vs now 2.3mb/s!) even though the WAN-to-LAN speeds for the WRT54G is supposedly much higher...