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    Looking for 1Gb Wan2Lan with time scheduling

    Hey, I got the RT-AC1900P, while CTF enabled I can reach my full ISP bandwidth of 1Gb/sec (100% cpu) But when I enable time scheduling (CTF is off) I can only reach 100-300Mb/sec. What would be a good solution for this situation ? Thanks Elior
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    High CPU usage when High NIC Usage

    Hey, I use Z170XP-SLI mobo with i7 7700k The onboard NIC is Intel® GbE LAN chip (10/100/1000 Mbit) I have 1Gb ISP When I download at high speeds 600-700Mb/sec+ I noticed the CPU is @ 80-100% (verified that the download is the main CPU usage) Is it normal ? Is this onboard is that crappy ...
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    RT-AC1900P how far can I push it with fans on ?

    Hey, What would an accapable cpu clock for it with two fans on it ? Current temps ~60C Thanks !
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    ac2400 vs ac1900

    The RT-AC87U on Asuswrt-Merlin 384.12 I got can do WAN2LAN upto 700Mb/sec while cpu @ 100%. Can the RT-AC1900P do 1Gb/sec WAN2LAN ?
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    ac2400 vs ac1900

    Hey ! I got the AC2400 and just won AC1900P - I noticed that my AC2400 struggle and can do just around 700Mb when on stock speed - the AC1900P should handle it, right ?