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    amtm amtm step-by-step install guide - L&LD

    My experience, for what it's worth, is that that high ram usage is a result of misconfiguration that can be seen as frequent errors in your system log. I had this in condition when I went from the 384 code base to the 386 code base without doing a factory reset. If I were you, I'd do a factory...
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    Possible problem with MESH nodes using Firmware version 386.1

    I feel your pain. The aimesh search function is abysmal. Best luck I've had is: 1. Do a factory reset on your mesh unit and set it next to the main router.. 2. Power on the mesh unit and wait (10/15 minutes or so) 7. Login to the main router and do the Aimesh search The mesh unit should now...
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    Possible problem with MESH nodes using Firmware version 386.1

    So, here is my story, and it's fine if no one cares but... Running aimesh, Ax88 <---> Ac88, Ac1750. Have always run Merlin on the Ax88 and latest Asus on the mesh units. Had no problem updating the the mesh units to Asus 386 firmware, but when I finally took the plunge and updated the Ax88 from...
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    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 Beta is now available

    Still having Aimesh problems with an AX88 using beta1 meshed to an AC88 and an AC1750_B1. Just like alpha1/2, the AC88 rejoins without problems, but the AC1750_b1 refuses to join. Both the AC88 and AC1750 are using the latest Asus firmware. Both work fine with 384.19. Maybe the 1750 is no longer...
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    [Thread-1] [ 386.1_Alpha Build(s) ] Testing available build(s)

    I have a mesh, AX88 <--> AC88, AC1750, with the AC's both using Asus firmware (20631, 40558 then downgraded to 20633, respectively). When I upgraded the AX from 19 to alpha2, I lost the AC1750. I lost the AC88 during the tinkering phase when I tried alpha2 on it. After six hours of trying...
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    amtm amtm - the Asuswrt-Merlin Terminal Menu

    Probably the wrong time to bring this up, but have you ever thought about a router update option? That would make amtm a one stop shop. I usually check amtm every few days for updates, and if it would show alphas, betas, and regular Merlin updates for the given router, it would save a little...
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    Local DNS Cache

    I think that fact is irrelevant.
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    Local DNS Cache

    So, I ran across this article: Just for giggles I decided to take a look at dnsmasq.conf, which is in /etc on the Asus router, and sure enough, there was a cache parameter and it was set to 1500 (which must be a...
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    DNS over TLS - IPv6 Settings

    When using DNS over TLS, with filter set to router, do the DNS setting on the IPv6 page bypass the filter? I have them set to the same values as listed in the the 'DNS-over-TLS Server List' on the WAN page. Currently on the ipv6 page I have the 'Connect to DNS Server automatically' set to...
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    Wifi connection issues since switching to AX88U

    Try setting group key rotation to a higher value (I use 7200) along with Kingp1n's advice. I still have 'ax' enabled and connections are doing fine.
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    Setup a new AC68U as AiMesh node

    I have two devices in mesh and have been running Merlin on the main router and Asus on the two mesh units. I didn't realize there was any benefit to running Merlin on all, but after JDB's comment, I'll probably switch to Merlin on all. Thanks for the thread.
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    RT-AX88U Link Aggregation ?

    I use link aggregation 802.3ad using ports 1 and 2 with an AX88 and an Engenius switch and it works perfectly. I thought link aggregation was limited to ports 1 and 2, but I'm certainly not an expert. Port 4 has a secondary role as a secondary WAN, so I wouldn't think you would want to use it.
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    [Beta] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.16 beta (and 384.13_5) are available

    Working great on an AX88 running a mesh network.
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    [384.16_Alpha Builds] Testing all variants

    Using alpha2, and not sure what happened, but the wireless connectivity (number of units connected - not signal strength increase) of my AX88 is better than it has ever been. Really like the gui upgrades as well. Great work. Thanks.
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    What's going on with the RT-AC88U? Asus has not updated the firmware since 9/23/2019. Are they getting ready to ditch this model? Even the AC1750-B1 just got a March update.