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    VLAN and routing WLAN in AC68U

    Hi, I'm a freshman with merlin, though I have googled many, I can NOT get the goal I want. What I have: 1. Topmost level router(Linksys WRT1900acs with OpenWRT): physical WAN port connecting to the ISP, physical port LAN1 connecting to my AC68U; 2. Asus-RT-AC68U: physical WAN port connecting to...
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    Status Message

    Status Message
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    How to specify the default VLAN ID for a aggregated port?

    Thank the author and the repliers of, so that we know to config VLAN on Asuswrt/Merlin. But I need to know how to configure the default VLAN ID of a aggregated port, so that all incoming frames with no tag from this port...
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    How to compile customized code for AsusWRT/Merlin?

    Hi! I'm a fresh-man with Asuswrt/Merlin, and I need run MLVPN on a RT-AC68U( ). Although I have successfully built a Merlin image for my RT-AC68U, I still have no idea about adding/merging customized code into it. Is there any doc for it? Any help/hint will be...