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    Can't Log Into Asus XT8 Router

    I have an Asus ZenWiFi AiMesh XT8 system (router and two nodes). I can log in as administrator to my router WebUI on my Windows 10 desktop computer. However, when I try to log in via my W10 notebook, I get an "Invalid Username or Password" message. Note: my notebook has full Internet access even...
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    ZenWiFi Node Won't Connect to Any Device

    Oh good. So I can now sell a couple of nodes on eBay? Or is there an alternate technical workaround to too much WiFi?
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    ZenWiFi Node Won't Connect to Any Device

    The Kitchen Node is about 24 feet from the router. I put in this node because this was a dead zone of the house.
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    ZenWiFi Node Won't Connect to Any Device

    Ok, I'm stumped. I have a home network comprised of 3 ZenWiFi XT8 units (1 router, 2 nodes), each running the latest official Asus firmware (386.43181). The connection between the router and each of the nodes is excellent, the network is in a "star" layout with each node connected directly to...
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    Replacement XT8 Setup

    I don't know if this is a chicken or egg situation, but here goes. I originally had an XT8 2-pack and a an XT8 1-pack in my home network. One of the units of the 2-pack became defective, but I was required by Asus to send in both units of the 2-pack in order to have an RMA accomplished. While...
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    "Force" Device to Use AiMesh Node?

    Leerees said: "Unfortunately asus don't provide a guide but you can check the PHY rates of each client in the admin panel" I was unable to find exactly where in the admin panel this info resides. Could you be a bit more specific? Must Smart Connect be enabled to see this info?
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    Is My ASUS ZenWiFi AX XT8 Unit Dead?

    Thanks for your suggestion. However, no luck. Since it's still in warranty, I'll try to have Asus tech support help on this after the holiday weekend. If that's not successful, we'll see if Asus will make a goodwill exchange.
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    Is My ASUS ZenWiFi AX XT8 Unit Dead?

    The night before last we experienced some major thunderstorms and a brief power outage. I have 3 XT8 units (a router and two nodes), each running the latest 43170 XT8 official Asus firmware. When I checked things the next morning, my Motorola cable modem showed that we had Internet coverage, but...
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    Proper way to Factory Default a router?

    Will the above process work with an AiMesh system? I have 3 XT8 units (router and 2 nodes). Would this clear each unit?
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    "Force" Device to Use AiMesh Node?

    I've researched this issue in the forum, but don't think my precise situation is covered. I have two Asus XT8 units, each running in AiMesh mode with the latest 386.41793 firmware. The wireless connection between the router and the node is listed in the Web GUI as at excellent strength. I have...
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    XT8 Firmware Version - Open SSID ASUS_C0

    A follow-up to my earlier comment. It looks like the ASUS_00 network showing on my router web GUI and in WiFi network listings is the 5 GHz-2 wireless backhaul channel. I added WPA-2 security and a password on the "wireless" tab of the Web GUI. While the network still shows up in my WiFi...
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    No More Factory Resets For Me!

    As Dirty Harry said, "A man's got to know his limitations", and I'm beginning to figure out what he means. I have 2 XT8 units that were working fine. However, my Web GUI page showed an avaiable firmware update to 386_41793. The router software updated both units successfully, but then I did a...
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    XT8 Firmware Version - Open SSID ASUS_C0

    I've seen "ASUS_00" added to my router networks after updating to 386.41793. I have Trend Micro intrusion software enabled, so I hope that will take care of any issues.
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    Hard-Wired Device to Wireless Mesh Router?

    Just to be clear, connecting the TV via ethernet to the wireless node will improve the network's performance, despite the fact that the node itself is connected wirelessly to the router, correct?