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  1. festus77

    ntpMerlin Hardware or software

    Mine is showing 10 (1024 seconds). Isn't this controlled by chronyd based on conditions? MS Name/IP address Stratum Poll Reach LastRx Last sample =============================================================================== ^+ usatl4-ntp-001.aaplimg.c> 1 10 377 594...
  2. festus77

    ntpMerlin Hardware or software

    Best explanation I've seen as to why I was spending to much time fussing with NTP.
  3. festus77

    Solved Generate Site Map?

    PLEASE IGNORE - I think it was a laptop issue. __________________________________________ Not really what happened here, except a power outage. I've tried restarting GUI, rebooting, uninstalling, reinstalling - all to no avail. Any ideas? festus
  4. festus77

    Would there be any interest if I added integrations to my addons, e.g., conditional notifications (e.g. email, Discord webhook)?

    Not really at this point, unless I could turn them all off. I don't have any thing that would go wrong that would require my immediate attention. I don't support anybody except my honey and I.
  5. festus77

    Solved Generate Site Map?

    Wow - best interface change in a LONG time.
  6. festus77

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.3 is now available

    Dirty upgrade last night to AiMesh node. All is superb. Dirty upgrade to router this morning. All is superb. Rebooted both machines after 1 hour of uptime. Thanks @RMerlin and all contributors and testers.
  7. festus77

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.3 is now available

    Dirty upgrade from 386.2_6 on both router and mesh - no problems encountered. I like the new VPN Director so far!
  8. festus77

    [DEVEL] Asuswrt-Merlin Time Capsule/Machine Repair

    @garycnew - just out of curiosity why are you still running 384.19?
  9. festus77

    Solved [ASK] DDNS for ISP that using private IP Address

    This did not work for me a few months ago. I don't know whether I had a double NAT or not, but on my Zyxel modem I had to put it in bridge mode from an SSH connection. ISP kept telling me "it should just work" but .......
  10. festus77

    Diversion CAN or CANNOT Diversion block ads in the Apple News app

    Thanks so much HairyA00 !!!!!!! I'll look into this a little more in depth later today. Edit: About 5 hours later - been reading Apple News app for about an hour now - no ad after adding "EasyPrivacy" list to AdGuard. Thank you! Thank you!
  11. festus77

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2_6 is now available

    Dirty update from 386.2_4 - router and aimesh node - both fine Thanks RMerlin
  12. festus77

    [Release] vnStat-on-Merlin - UI, CLI and email - data use and data limit monitoring - R1 and R2

    Double ditto the opening sentence. I used it until I actually read what I had agreed to.
  13. festus77

    How good is ax86u Mesh over wifi?

    Hi Matt, I am running AIMesh with an AX86U as my main router in the house and an AC68P (same as AC68U) as the node. The node is located about 175' away, thru windows in the house and workshop. Off the AX86U I'm getting around 93 Mbps down and about 50 Mbps up on a 100/55 VDSL line. Out at the...
  14. festus77

    ntpMerlin ntpMerlin v3.x

    Damn, I pay attention to Merlins changelog all the time - silly me:rolleyes: