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  • Now another thing to note in my case is that the ISP has throttled UDP connections since and only TCP works and I get about 20-50 Mbps max on it. The VPN ISP is creating a new protocol to make it work with UDP but until that happens., I have to live with TCP which works.
    I have installed about 9 AC5300 at friends homes and all of them are super happy. The only downside is that I have a 100 Mbps connection and with this router on UDP I can achieve about 80 Mbps on UDP but on the laptop, I can get about 90 out of 100 Mbps. So net-net I see a 10 Mbps downside on the router which I presume will get fixed with the 86u.
    What I mean is that with AC53300 I used Hugo's firmware which boosted the range to 1.00 Mhw or something. With that I get full range/bars throughout the house. Since we live in brick / concrete homes, every inch of optimization is required. Without the optimizations, I was getting just one bar on my laptop. Hugo has gone missing ever since and with him, the modifications are gone as well.
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