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  1. fsardone

    Router on a Stick setup for Ubiquiti Edgerouter 4 ER-4

    In order to troubleshoot this you should: 1. assess the real throughoutput of the router (datasheet bench mark etc) and assess if the speed is within reach; 2. check cpu and memory load of the router; 3. activate all the routing optimization feature and disabling thos that move routing from the...
  2. fsardone

    Router on a Stick setup for Ubiquiti Edgerouter 4 ER-4

    I did configure multiple router on a stick config but only with cisco. I have some problems understanding what do you need to achieve and if the selected router is able to support it. Why would you configure it as a router on a stick, since it has multiple ethernet and you would obtain an...
  3. fsardone

    Protecting physical interface?

    Couple of considerations: 1. Without physical security there cannot be any data security 2. Hardening needs to go with threat assessment 3. Absolute security is an illusion So what are you protecting and how much is it worth? How much are you willing to invest in security? What is your risk...
  4. fsardone

    Entware Cisco student with 2960 switch looking for compatible router that does cli

    Technically the Cisco software license is only for the original purchaser. You can upgrade software if you are a CCIE (Cisco grants to CCIE full access to TAC) or if you have a contract for the given hardware … which gives you right to licensing to new software. The router you mention is end of...
  5. fsardone

    connection of two routers to a main one

    This is only true for traffic inside router 2 network. Traffic from router 2 to router 1 can be easily seen by the managing entity of router 3, unless VPN is in place to cross out of router 1. If router 1 has 2 ethernet interfaces then you could isolate router 3. And by having 2 interfaces I do...
  6. fsardone

    Multi VLAN WLAN Networking on Cisco CBW

    Thank you for your contribution. The problem concerns the CBW which has no way to configure the port (from what I saw it autoconficure based on switchport config). In a Cisco IOS device you set encapsulation dot1q and switchport mode trunk to achieve trunking (you might also want to set the...
  7. fsardone

    Multi VLAN WLAN Networking on Cisco CBW

    Hello Trip, first of all thank you for your time. After 48hrs of bashing the problem I think I have it under control also thank you to your simple suggestion. I simply set up the "switchport mode trunk" "switchport native vlan" on the uplink port of the switch and the AP connected. Which is what...
  8. fsardone

    Multi VLAN WLAN Networking on Cisco CBW

    Dear all, sorry if this is too trivial but I am new to Cisco WiFi and I am stuck trying to configure 3 CBW140AC in a wired (non mesh) configuration supporting 2 SSID mapped to 2 different VLANs. Network: The back end network is a Cisco 1921 Router and multiple Cisco 3560 gigabit PoE switch...