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    Asus RT-AC68U 386.2_6 low on free nvram

    Hi, You could use a monitoring app to keep an eye on free memory. I use a simple little one called Algorius but have used PRTG in the past to do the same sort of thing. I just monitor a few devices and get email alerts if anything strange happens. You can choose what to monitor - only RAM if...
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    AX86U Diversion Certificate Error and High Ram Usage

    All our setups will be different but I would class 95% memory consumed as high also. I had a similar experience yesterday. I re-started Diversion which made no difference. I rebooted the router and then all was fine. I had also noticed what looks like a memory leak leading up to the event -...
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    Router temperatures

    AX86 running smoothly in terms of temperature. Thanks to Wiz & Pidy here for the info on how to monitor with SNMP and custom config files.
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    Diversion How to remove GUI Tab for Diversion (not uidivstats)

    Hi, I added this myself (no one to blame!) but for the life of me I cannot find how to remove it. Can someone please point me in the right direction, many thanks in advance.
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    YazDHCP: Can I use when upgrading AC86U to AX86U?

    Hi Jack, I can understand the frustration at times. If it helps I have found your scripts really useful and appreciate all the effort required to maintain them. Your (and other's) contribution make Asus/Merlin a great solution for many, many people. Thanks !!