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  1. goaliebob99

    ASUS 5300 not getting gigabit speeds stuck at 100mbps - Centurylink

    I got it fixed but am unsure what exactly fixed it. A router reboot is always my first line of defense. I powered down both the router and ONT for over 20 min as suggested. I actually left it all off overnight. The next day in the morning, I turned on the ONT, waited five minutes, then did...
  2. goaliebob99

    ASUS 5300 not getting gigabit speeds stuck at 100mbps - Centurylink

    I really think this is a century link issue somewhere upstream. I'm getting 1ms pings from century link with no jitter but stuck at 94.6 Mbps down and 93.9 Mbps up. I'm running 384.17 Merlin on a my asus 5300. QOS is DISABLED, All ports on the router are negotiating at full duplex 1 Gbps...
  3. goaliebob99

    2 clients are connecting to RT-AC87U through this device

    I got you all beat... Trying to figure out if this is a security issue or not. The only thing running is darkice to a shoutcast server on this pi, and even then it's not on that address. I have a static setup on it. Some apps are reporting that the network is unstable. This is on an AC...
  4. goaliebob99

    [Release 384/NG] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.4 is now available

    My WIFI SSID is completely disappearing. That could be apart of the issue. I'm on a 5300 as well.
  5. goaliebob99

    WIFI SSID's disappearing after 384.4_2

    All of a sudden my SSID's disappear and I cant connect as if the wireless has completely shut down. It's a really weird issue. I also am seeing my CPU's shoot up to 100 percent. This is on an asus RT-AC5300. I'm not sure what caused this but it seems to be consistent with this firmware...