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    Openvpn Authentication Failed

    Solved. On the iPhone go to settings and untick AES-CBC Cipher Algorithm
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    Openvpn Authentication Failed

    Hi, Using Asus RT-AC86U with merlin 386.2_4 , running Openvpn server with standard settings. On my macbook I can connect without problems with Tunnelblick. The problem is when I try to connect with a iPhone using openvpn client. When I try to connect I get a error Authentication Failed Data...
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    Low speed on Wireguard vs IPSec

    To be honest I have been away from home a long time. I want to be there when I update the router. Yes I reboot several times but it did not fix. No I m using one at a time. One thing is the download of my connection with IPsec is good , and so is the upload when using wireguard. Will see if I...
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    Low speed on Wireguard vs IPSec

    Hi sorry for the lack of information. The RT-AC86U is running Merlin 384-15. This is the server with both IPSec and Wireguard. Both endes connected wired. I m running the test from a remote location. Client turn on Wireguard run speedtest . Stop switch to IPSec client and run the speedtest...
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    Low speed on Wireguard vs IPSec

    Hi, I have set up Asus RT-AC86U (Merlin firmware) with experimental wireguard. IPsec vpn enable on the router. My connection 1000/1000 on the router side My client running on a macbook connect to 250/100 internet connection. When routing all traffic via tunnel I got this speeds. The left is...
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    Evacuating office - need to set up telecomuting

    I suggest just using openvpn . Restart synology. If using mac use tunnelblick as client. Access shares with ipaddress.
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    Evacuating office - need to set up telecomuting

    You can run openvpn on synology . And port forward the router to the synology openvpn port. We used that way works great.
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    Configuring WireGuard

    Yes , you server is on the pi. you have to open UDP port matching yous server .
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    Need a script that auto reboot if internet is down

    Thanks for this script Martineau. Please could you help me. I created a file with the content at /jffs/scripts Create another file with this content #!/bin/sh cru a test "0 * * * * /jffs/scripts/ wan &" both scripts are executable. But when I restart the...
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    [Experimental] WireGuard for HND platform (4.1.x kernels)

    @Odkrys Hi is there a tutorial to connect site-to-site with wireguard ? I m using the RT-AC86U as a server .Will like to connect to another site with Wireguard running on Raspberry pi. Is it possible?
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    Advice RT-AC68U

    Thanks Colin. I was trying to avoid this "followed by a reset to factory defaults" Thanks again
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    Advice RT-AC68U

    Hi ,please advice. I have the RT-AC68U running with merlin 380.70 I m thinking updating to 384.13_0 What do you suggest ? Update to 384.13 , or updating release by release ? Thanks
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    I locked myself out of my 86u...on purpose...

    I have the opposite experience. I bought a 86u in September 2017, did not use for a year, then in end 2018 setup merlin firmware and have it running. Have lots of problems everyday rebooting etc. At end could not access via gui or ssh. Contact the seller, got a new one. This is just rock solid.
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    ASUS RT-AC86U router or another?

    I hade a RT-AC86u for 1 1/2 year. Have same problems after reboot not acessebel. At last could connect .No way to reset. Contact Asus. Received a new one. This one is working very well for 2 months with Merlin firmware.