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    Best way to automatically block (add/delete) IP/CIDR ranges?

    I've been using Yet another malware block for quite awhile and works well for me on an AC68
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    Have FIOS WAN DHCP issues been resolved in 386.4?

    Have been on FiOS for quite a number of years and all of them with Merlin. Never had any issues with these settings: But not every market is the same, and don't know if that also means different hardware on their side.
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    Solved [RT-AC68U/386.4] curl segmentation fault when using -u

    Final update for whoever finds this thread in the future: NTP had died and that caused a whole slew of issues, including SSL not working. The log was showing that NTP was tainted. Not sure what got corrupted but I was forced to do a complete reset and reconfigure my router but things are fine now.
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    Solved [RT-AC68U/386.4] curl segmentation fault when using -u

    I marked it solved because it has to do with my configuration somehow, most likely because of something else I installed via opkg. On a stock RT-AC68U/386.4 I have no issues with the same command.
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    Solved [RT-AC68U/386.4] curl segmentation fault when using -u

    Hi, Is anyone else running into an issue when using the stock curl with -u and getting a "Segmentation fault"? I'm using it for dynamic dns: curl -k -u "user:password" "" Doesn't matter whether you use the correct credentials or...
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    Disney+ and Netflix don't respect VPN on WLAN

    If you're using a smart device to watch Disney+ try turning of location services for Disney+ (or altogether) when using Disney+
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    Assistance to create a script that blocks inbound CIDRs via iptables

    Have you looked at It sounds like it would do what you want it to do. * edit: fixed link *
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    Smart plugs going offline - DHCP Discover / Offer loop

    I've got a bunch of plugs and run default settings, except for Roaming Assistant and Beamforming (now set to disabled). Tried to change Preamble to short but that was a no-go. Manually set the channel and bandwidth to 20 MHz.
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    ASUS RT-AC68U dropping WIFI or internet on some devices

    I've noticed on a network with ESP based devices that the WiFi dies. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later, but it will die. Then the WiFi needs to be restarted. My theory so far is that because the devices can't "see" some of the devices in the network because of distance and other obstructions and...
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.14 (and 384.13_2) are now available

    Good to know, thanks for the confirmation.
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.14 (and 384.13_2) are now available

    Model: RT-AC68U Firmware Version: 384.15_alpha1-wd-g7be95e7bd9 Bootloader (CFE): internet disconnected issue (bootloader has a flag set to factory/debug mode), modified CFE for power & region
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.14 (and 384.13_2) are now available

    I had the same issue, reported earlier in this thread, and a member PM'ed me this solution: check the value of link_internet. nvram get link_internet If it reports 0 then set it to 2: nvram set link_internet=2 That fixed it for me. Haven't rebooted since so unsure about its stickiness.
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.14 (and 384.13_2) are now available

    RT-AC68U: dirty upgrade from .13 to .14. Upgrade itself went fine but am now hit with this: Went to the Administration->System page, no Network Monitoring was enabled. Tried Ping, no luck. Tried DNS Query, no luck. It appears to be a visual problem only, access to the internet is working.
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    384.10 / OpenSSL / lighttpd

    I upgraded from 384.9 to .10, which in itself was uneventful. AC68U runs fine, no complaints. I also ran an opkg update and an opkg upgrade. Hindsight being 20/20 I realize I have set myself up for failure for making multiple changes in a row but perhaps someone has more insight into this...
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    EXT4 disk formatting options on the router

    Take a close look at the command: it doesn't have the ^, which is used to negate the option. So with a ^ it turns off the journaling, without it it turns it on.