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    RT-AC3100 Firmware 384_81116 - Unable to upload file?

    Just picked up an RT-AC3100, and upgraded to the latest firmware 384_81116. With this release, there doesn't seem to be a normal way to update firmware via a file any more. In the release that came with the router, there was a section called Upload File. Now they seem to have moved it under...
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    RT-3100 or RT-AC86U

    Any opinions if one of these are a better choice than the other, for example known issues, current support, regular updates, etc? I can see both have firmware updates available from September, and I see many posts on the 86U, but not much on the 3100. Feature-wise they are pretty close to...
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    ASUSWRT Hanging...

    Asus GT-AC2900 Firmware: Whenever I use ASUSWRT on my iMac, MacBook (http and https), iPhone, or iPad, at some point within 30 minutes it hangs, and the only way I can get back into the settings is to reboot the router. Anyone else experienced this and found a fix? It...