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  1. JamesK

    2.5gb aimesh Ethernet backhaul

    ASUS followed up to suggest that if it was a feature users wanted, we should raise a feature request... as follows: submit new ticket -> select "general question" and write the suggestion. I've put mine in today...
  2. JamesK

    2.5gb aimesh Ethernet backhaul

    ASUS responded quickly to officially confirm that 2.5gb ports could not be used as a wireless backhaul for AiMesh. They went onto say that it could be something they offer in the future via a firmware update. I suspect the 2.5gb backhaul could work if you abandoned AiMesh, and set-up the node...
  3. JamesK

    2.5gb aimesh Ethernet backhaul

    I'm surprised this isn't a supported set-up by Asus. I would've thought a 2.5Gbps ethernet backhaul for a pair of RT-AX86U's would be a good use case for AiMesh. I was considering purchasing a 2nd RT-AX86U for exactly this purpose. I think I'll send Asus an e-mail and see what they say...
  4. JamesK

    RT-AC87u firmware development

    I submitted a case to Asus a couple of weeks ago asking 2 questions. Firstly would they be providing a firmware update based on the 384 code, and secondly would they be supporting AiMesh. Apart from the automated e-mail response saying they would aim to get back to me in 48 hours I've heard...
  5. JamesK

    RT-AC68U wireless turning itself off

    Hi All, I've got an issue with my RT-AC68U randomly turning off both wireless radios and I can't figure out what's going on. My setup consists of an RT-AC87U running as my main router and the RT-AC68U connected to it via ethernet and configured as an access point. Both are running Merlin...
  6. JamesK

    RT-AC68W (or RT-AC66W) in the UK

    Hi All, For purely aesthetic reasons I need to get hold of the RT-AC68W, although the RT-AC66W would also be fine for my needs. However, according to Asus they have not ever launched the product in the UK, and do not intend to do so. I' not even sure if it was launched in Europe either. Several...
  7. JamesK

    DSL Sync speeds info - where is it?

    BT supply two types of modem for the FTTC product. They both look similar. They are the ECI and the Huawei HG612. You can tell which yours is by looking at the back of it. The HG612 is hackable to open up the LAN2 port to enable you to connect to it and obtain statistics. I'd recommend you...
  8. JamesK

    RT-AC68U Dead - Are Asus UK Support ok?

    Hi, As per the title. I came home last night to find my RT-AC68U unresponsive. Only the Power LED and WAN & LAN LEDs lit. USB and Wireless both off. Tried power cycling it, followed by Device Discovery utility. Finally tried holding the reset while powering on the unit. The Power LED just...
  9. JamesK

    Changed to Infinty, now no internet

    It definitely won't be blue, it will be green. It doesn't say on it. You can only tell by comparing to the pics I sent you a link to. A lot of them have large BT posters on them saying "Fibre Broadband is here" See this link for an example...
  10. JamesK

    Changed to Infinty, now no internet

    Absolutely 100% different. Your Draytek Vigor 120 is an ADSL modem, and what you need is the BT Openreach VDSL modem. If you know where your street cabinet is located, it can help to match the modem to the equipment in the street cabinet. Take a look at this website...
  11. JamesK

    Changed to Infinty, now no internet

    Firstly, if you've been supplied a HomeHub 5 by BT then you won't immediately be able to use the Asus. This is because the HomeHub 5 is a combined VDSL modem and router. To use the Asus router you must go and buy a BT Openreach VDSL modem. There are two types; the Huawei HG612 or the ECI...
  12. JamesK

    Replacement Asus Router advice

    Hi All, A friend of mine wants to replace his broken RT-N66U router. Since buying it he's now got a couple of AC devices so his preference would be for an AC router, so I immediately thought he should get the RT-AC68U. However, prices here in the UK are still very high for the RT-AC68U. I...
  13. JamesK

    Improving range/coverage - ASUS RT-N66, EnGenius, or other?

    I've got a similar 3 storey property as yourself. When I first moved in I also had the WNDR3700v1, and it had to be located at one end of the middle floor. I had exactly the same issues as you with wireless range. It was a great router, but just couldn't handle the bigger house which it was...
  14. JamesK

    Itunes server not working?

    I've had similar issues with iTunes/Apple related streaming. In my case it was streaming films from iTunes on my PC to Apple TVs. What eventually fixed it for me was disabling IPv6 on the computer running iTunes. So Open Network & Sharing Center -> Change Adapter Settings -> Local Area...
  15. JamesK

    RT-N66U Separate SSIDs for 2.4 and 5GHz

    Thanks very much for all the input... I think I'll go back to adding a '5' onto the end of my 5 GHz SSID!