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    I'm curious on the methods you would use to identify and pinpoint exposed devices

    Re: MITM attacks Depends on the platform. Scenario: Let's say a home router is the DHCP server, and is providing its own IP as the DNS server in leases to clients. It's not uncommon for routers to serve as a DNS relay. An attacker has compromised the router and configured a malicious DNS...
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    I need help from students who studied in Indian universities(computer science)?

    Asking here is a long shot--you'd probably have better luck on an India-centric forum, or a computer engineering study group. I saw your other posts--if you are looking for foundational knowledge in network design, I recommend the Cisco guide for Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA). The...
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    Asus RT-AX86U: Weekly router Reboot and uptime from the Router App

    For anyone trying to follow along, I just moved this thread to the AX subforum.
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    Security problem

    That's a lot of questions. 1. I'm assuming this question is for OS hardening. For a home user, a basic change would be making sure antivirus is running and the firewall is enabled. 2. For wireless, let's say you're being harassed by your neighbor. If you set up a new router and the wireless...
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    Security problem

    First, let's discuss best practices. For bringing new devices online, we don't put them on the Internet straight out of the box--that laptop might be six months behind on patches. Same goes for routers or firewalls. We update the device to a current OS version, then apply a hardened...
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    Security problem

    Unlikely, but really depends on the modem. My day job is firewalls, and every once in a while Cisco puts out a vulnerability notice like "an attacker sending a specially crafted packet" followed by something unfortunate now being possible. If packets go through and there's a vulnerability to...
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    Security problem

    At the enterprise level, it's not uncommon to remove access to device management from external and user-facing networks. To add to what Tim posted: Let's say you go all out and buy a $800 firewall and pay a guy $200 to set it up for you. Meanwhile, the RAT installed on your PC six months ago...
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    CAT7 tops at 100Mbps

    So an Ethernet cable has 8 conductors (wires). Pre-gigabit, you just needed to have pins 1, 2, 3, and 6 connected properly. Since you are getting gigabit on the original Cat 5e cable, I'd agree with the others that's it's probably a damaged or otherwise faulty Cat 7 cable. The cheaper ethernet...
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    Cisco Firepower 1010

    I manage one of the 1010s bigger brothers and can answer some questions. I'm speaking in general product family terms and haven't verified that everything pertains to the 1010. Still, this will give you an idea of what to check for. Device management--depends on the codebase. You can run...
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    Avoid Consumer Routers

    Sure, there's potential performance differences with ASICs vs general purpose CPU, but what magnitude? A 10x difference sounds significant, but something like between 1ms and .1ms wouldn't be noticeable. For cheaper, what exactly are you comparing? An AP comes in a lot cheaper than a $550...
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    Avoid Consumer Routers

    MSRP for the Netgate 2100 is $299. Of course, the cost for the AP is on top of that, but that's really the advantage. A wireless router is an embedded PC with a radio bolted on. If you get a new phone and want a radio with 802.11ax support, you're throwing out your router to get a new one. When...
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    Avoid Consumer Routers

    ^^What Asus wants you to see: Heroic Routers What your family sees:
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    Avoid Consumer Routers

    My day job is enterprise networking, and it's always interesting to read through these threads to see the consumer/prosumer perspective. Other people have touched on this, but when we order a firewall from Cisco, we're also buying a software platform. We don't expect the software to be bug...
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    SAGE EAS Digital Endec remote audio monitor/level meter?

    I'll spitball too. MAC changes, same IP-- Different hosts: Host A (2C:08:8C:78:38:26) is leased an IP from your router, it gets X.X.X.95. Router is then rebooted/reset and loses its lease table. Host B (1C:3A:DE:46:8D:26) requests a lease and is allocated X.X.X.95. Or, one host is set with a...
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    Switch Bought

    For many home deployments, the router is the device handing out IP addresses via DHCP. If you rely on DHCP to obtain IPs for your PC and/or NAS, and they don't have a way to communicate with the router, they won't be able to get an IP and communication will fail. To help rule this out-- 1)...