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    AiMesh Node (wireless backhaul) has extremely low DL speeds (0.11 Mbps)

    So I've got two AX88U - one is the router and one is the mesh node. My house isn't designed with technology with mind - as such, we don't have ethernet jacks anywhere and we have very limited coax outlets in odd places (for something like moCA) - my room, master bedroom, family room behind a...
  2. J

    [RT-AX88U] Wifi is acting up on certain devices

    After taking a hiatus from Asus, I'm back with Asus and Merlin! I have the AX88U, but the wifi connection has been somewhat spotty. In the adjacent room to the router (maybe 15 feet away (2 walls in-between)), my sister's MacBook Pro (2010) is extremely slow on wifi. It takes forever to load...
  3. J

    Having some issues with Merlin's Firmware (internet going down occasionally, 5G signal not as great)

    I recently got the T-Mobile branded ASUS router and put Merlin's Firmware on it (380.58) since I changed my ISP from ATT to Cox. While I waited for the router to come in the mail, I got the 'official' ASUS router AC68U and set it up / used that. Here are some of the issues I've been...