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    Asus Captive Portal

    The BRT-AC828, 4G-AC68U, 4G-AC86U, 4G-AX56 models all support captive portal.. A rather nice one from what I can see. I wonder if those firmwares are also open source, and that capability could be ported into Merlin?
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.17 (and 384.13_8) are now available

    Ever since I installed 384.13_8 on my AC-3200 I have to reboot at least once or twice a day because the 2.4 GHz radio seems to go down... (If I look at the connected devices, 5ghz devices are connected but nothing 2.4ghz)a reboot and all my 2.4ghz devices will then connect. Reverting back to...
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    YazFi YazFi - enhanced AsusWRT-Merlin Guest WiFi inc. SSID <-> VPN Client

    I just discovered this, and absolutely love how it handles the guest wifi as separate subnets.... and setup was so simple. I do have but one request, that I'm hoping you can tell me how to do. I run pihole on a raspberry pi to cut down on ads, which is in the primary subnet I would...