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Mar 28, 2014
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United States


Part of the Furniture, from United States

    1. Carlosf650
      Hi john do you still the ASUS ac88u without TrendMicro DPI engine code might help me out stuck on ddwrt
    2. rtn66uftw
      Hi John! Do you have a Donation account for people to show appreciation for your work? Thank you!
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    3. Just Checking
      Just Checking
      Hello again,
      I am also looking for instructions on how to overclock an Asus RT-AC68 router. The VPN supplier that I am using (Private Internet Access) is causing a massive hit on transfer speeds. I would like to implement the VPN on the router but I am concerned that a low clock speed will make the problem much worse.
    4. Just Checking
      Just Checking
      Hello John,
      You previously had a file with instructions on how to set up/configure a OpenVPN with the Merlin Fork firmware on an Asus router. I did not find that on your GitHub site. Are those instructions still available? If so, can you send me a link?
    5. slobodan
    6. ianw0327
      hi what is your latest firmware please does it inprove wireless at all i have a asus rt-n66u to john9527
    7. martinr
      As well as your advice and comments, from which I always learn something, I love your icon, or whatever the correct name is, of the (spiral?) galaxy. Almost all such icons I find dull and some positively off-putting, but yours is really tasteful. Sycophancy over with.
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    Merlin LTS Fork 374.43