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May 17, 2019
Mar 28, 2014
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United States


Part of the Furniture, from United States

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May 17, 2019
    1. rtn66uftw
      Hi John! Do you have a Donation account for people to show appreciation for your work? Thank you!
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    2. Just Checking
      Just Checking
      Hello again,
      I am also looking for instructions on how to overclock an Asus RT-AC68 router. The VPN supplier that I am using (Private Internet Access) is causing a massive hit on transfer speeds. I would like to implement the VPN on the router but I am concerned that a low clock speed will make the problem much worse.
    3. Just Checking
      Just Checking
      Hello John,
      You previously had a file with instructions on how to set up/configure a OpenVPN with the Merlin Fork firmware on an Asus router. I did not find that on your GitHub site. Are those instructions still available? If so, can you send me a link?
    4. slobodan
    5. ianw0327
      hi what is your latest firmware please does it inprove wireless at all i have a asus rt-n66u to john9527
    6. martinr
      As well as your advice and comments, from which I always learn something, I love your icon, or whatever the correct name is, of the (spiral?) galaxy. Almost all such icons I find dull and some positively off-putting, but yours is really tasteful. Sycophancy over with.
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    Merlin LTS Fork 374.43