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    Whatever happened to the ASUS RT-AX86 Pro release?

    In all fairness, the AXE 16000 was set to release end of quarter one. So by March 2022. Didn’t release until middle of June 2022 with limited availability to this date. The AXE 11000 Pro was slated to be released end of second quarter and it now has a product page with no price. I haven’t been...
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    GT-AXE16000 vs. GT-AX11000 Pro questions

    I thought about that one. But I probably should have added that I game on the node router of my setup. Unfortunately the main router and modem is on the top floor and I connect my Xbox series x to the mesh node so it shows a wired connection. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been considering...
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    GT-AXE16000 vs. GT-AX11000 Pro questions

    Thanks for the welcome L&LD! I agree with your assessment of not really needing a new setup. More of wanting I suppose. I probably should have mentioned that Comcast gigabit service is 1.2gigs over-provisioned to 1.4 Gbps. So with the AC86U's I'm using, I'm losing almost a third of my download...
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    GT-AXE16000 vs. GT-AX11000 Pro questions

    Hi all, I am currently using two AC-86U’s in a mesh set up for the last 4 years and looking to upgrade to either the GT-AXE16000 or the unreleased GT-AX11000 Pro. I’ll be using 2 of either router due to not being able to run a wired back haul and want a third wireless back haul channel. I have...