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    OpenVPN performance - Merlin vs stock firmware

    AES-NI - it speeds up encryption and improves performance of OpenVPN. I can't find any info if OpenVPN in stock Asus firmware is using it.
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    OpenVPN performance - Merlin vs stock firmware

    Hi, I want to set up OpenVPN server on Asus RT-AC86U. I've chosen this router mainly because it supports AES-NI. Does stock firmware use these instructions or I have to use Merlin to benefit from it?
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    VLAN bridge for IPTV

    Hi, I just bought Asus RT-AC86U and I'm trying to get rid off my ISP's (Orange) Funbox 2.0. I was able to set up Internet without issues using VLAN 35, but I have big issues with IPTV. The problem is that setup used by Orange is pretty complex. Generally it looks like below: VLAN 35: Internet...