VLAN bridge for IPTV

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I just bought Asus RT-AC86U and I'm trying to get rid off my ISP's (Orange) Funbox 2.0. I was able to set up Internet without issues using VLAN 35, but I have big issues with IPTV. The problem is that setup used by Orange is pretty complex. Generally it looks like below:

VLAN 35: Internet
VLAN 838, unicast: VOD, TV program, STB clock
VLAN 839, multicast: TV streaming + channel zapping

As far as I know all traffic between WAN and router should be VLAN tagged, but traffic between devices and router should be untagged. STB for IPTV requires traffic from VLAN 838 and 839 (but I've read somewhere that from VLAN 35 too, so I may need to include it in bridge too - is it possible to connect to the WAN using PPPoE in VLAN 35 and send untagged VLAN35 frames to some ports?). Therefore I need bridge between VLAN 838 and 839, send untagged frames to STB ports in router and tag frames in opposite way - if it's multicast, then tag with VLAN 839, otherwise VLAN 838 to WAN. Is it possible to make such configuration in Merlin? I would like to avoid double NAT and setting up DMZ. Thanks in advance for answers.
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